Studio M Weddings

Hey! We are Cody Macke and Molly McNally. Weddings quickly became our favorite genre to capture because of the truly happy moments we get to document through our creative eyes. Whether we are shooting images or filming video, we love finding the details that tell your wedding story. 

We began our journey capturing weddings together and haven't stopped since.  Back in our high school days, we started assisting each other, trading and borrowing gear, and pretending we knew more than the other.  Five years later, we started Studio M to work together in an effort to maximize the experience we could offer our couples.  We love how well we balance each other out and what we can offer together. 

Most of the time, you can find either of us working on something creative - wedding related or just for fun.  Photography and film have always been such strong passions for both of us that even with them becoming our careers, we never forget to shoot for ourselves and produce our passion projects.  Now, when we do need a break, our favorite things are traveling and adventuring into unfamiliar places.  We love weekend getaways, random hiking trips, and getting lost on the open road.  We like to say we are old souls that are young at heart. 

If we sound like a couple you would love to have at your wedding, please reach out to us below!